[Gta04-owner] Software plans

Neil Jerram neil at ossau.homelinux.net
Thu Sep 22 10:58:06 CEST 2011

It seems like the EA boards are getting excitingly close now.  So I
thought it might be interesting to ask what people's software plans

Obviously there will be an initial phase before any software work,
with everyone installing their board and discussing any hardware
issues.  Presumably we will use Nikolaus's Debian squeeze rootfs to
validate that that phase is successful.

(Will that rootfs already be in NAND when the EA boards are shipped?
Or do we just download and unpack onto an SD card, and then GTA04 will
automatically boot from SD?)

I guess it will then be nice to have a set of tests, based on that
initial rootfs, to validate hardware function that isn't already
tested just by booting.  Perhaps people can post such tests to the
mailing lists, and then they can be collated later if that's useful.
(I don't think we should expect Golden Delicious to do all this for

And what then?  Look at adding telephony support to the initial
rootfs?  Or switch to one of the other established distros and work on
porting its telephony support to GTA04?

Personally I don't have a clear plan yet; to begin with I will just
follow along and try to test things and help where I can.  But I'd be
interested to hear what others are thinking.


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