[Gta04-owner] Status

John Ogness gta04 at ogness.net
Fri Sep 2 14:01:55 CEST 2011

On 2011-09-02, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com> wrote:
> So the problem we face is that we
> 1. have to decide if FM/BT/Telephony are presented as /separate/
>    sound cards
> 2. or are /additional channels/ of the TWL4030 driver i.e. sound
>    card #0
> The current state of our code is that we have decided for
> 1. (because not knowing better) and added a new SoC-codec (copied
> and modified code from some Wolfson coded) for the GTM601.
> What we have not managed is to make the codec driver becomes visible
> as a second sound card, although it gets loaded. The TWL codec works
> fine.
> I.e. we are not at the point to test/check any McBSP connectivity.
> Would a git patch help to analyse and comment what we have tried to
> modify?


However, I won't be able to look at it until the weekend (tomorrow).

John Ogness

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