[Gta04-owner] GSM / AT&T Access

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Fri Sep 2 02:30:28 CEST 2011

> Would the GTA04 allow developers to have access to the GSM chip, or
> the API to allow developers to play around with the GSM radio frequency?
We got the permission to put all AT-Commandos into our docs.
The interface is UART, so the only thing WE can provide is
this documentation and the schematic how this UART is wired
to our CPU.
BUT if you manage to write an alternative firmware
like it has been done for the GSM-Chip in the GTA02
then you can certainly do other things then just hopping between
the base stations and all the usual phone related stuff.

I'm not sure I got your question right.
Maybe you ment Monitoring and Injection?
Or using is for totally different purposes then GSM?
Then you will also have the problem of the dimensions of the circuits themself.
> Also, would the USB OTG host chip be able to provide to full 500mA to power devices with?
I don't know BUT I wouldn't do that neither.
Imagine how fast you batteries would be drained this way.
If you have electronics, which needs this amount of current
just patch some Pb-Akkumulator into the circuits as well...
> Thanks.
You're welcome
> I cannot wait for this. I'll be using this phone as part of my University project next year :-D.
Next year?
What project?
What university?

best regards

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