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NeilBrown neilb at suse.de
Fri Oct 14 10:50:02 CEST 2011

On Fri, 14 Oct 2011 10:18:17 +0200 David Lanzendoerfer
<david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch> wrote:

> > 3.) What about MeeGo for an OS? It run on the Nokia N900 with the ARM
> > Cortex-A8.
> You can checkout the linux-3.1 kernel for GTA04, compile it and install it
> into your MeeGo rootfs and try it out :-)
> http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-kernel/page/Build/
> regards lev

According to 
   git ls-remote git://projects.goldelico.com/gta04-kernel.git

that repo only has tags up to v2.6.33-rc8.   But I pulled it down and
'master' does include up to 3.1-rc9.

Maybe you need to "git pull --tags" ??

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