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> We have finished the first official release of the System Manual,
> which has grown to more than 90 pages.
> This document is of course important for all owners, but also
> of interest and for inspiration of everyone. It includes the schematics
> and the component placement plan.
> I think it answers many of the questions that already came up.
> 	Happy reading!
> Here comes the link:
> 	http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-main/downloads/37/

 2.1 Feature comparison
                  2-axis Accelerometers (optional)

 Should that be
                  3-axis Accelerometer (optional)

Also I thought there was only one Accelerometer, but the schematics suggest
there is either an LIS302 and and LSM303DHL,
or an LIS302 and a BMA180 and a HMC5883L

In either case, 2 accelerometers and a compass.


And the interrupt line from the accelerometer(s) are connected to GPIO lines
on the CPU rather than on the power controller, which seems to suggest that
the accelerometer cannot wake the system from sleep mode.  Is that correct?

 5.13. Memory cards
   supports SDHC up to 23 GByte

 Should that be *32* GBytes ??

    modifies the boot sequence of the built-in boot loaded.

 Should be "... built-in boot *loader*"

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