[Gta04-owner] GTA04 manual already available ?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri May 13 11:29:15 CEST 2011

Hi Timo,

Am 12.05.2011 um 15:28 schrieb Timo Jyrinki:

> 2011/5/7 Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com>:
>> A draft manual is currently a little hidden but you can find
>> a link at the end of the first post of this list in the archive:
>> http://lists.goldelico.com/pipermail/gta04-owner/2011-January/000000.html
> Note that there is a license error on the front page. You're using
> non-free Attribution-ShareAlike-NonCommercial license, but the first
> written out CC text refers to the free Attribution-ShareAlike license
> instead. The other referrals are to the correct CC license which
> includes NC. The same error occurs on page 5.

Thanks for this hint! We have to check what we meant to write :)
It is is still a draft and may be inconsistent.

> I don't have anything against using a non-free license eg. for the
> manual as such. What about the schematics, is that a deliberate
> differentiation from original Openmoko to have also those under a
> non-free license? It's quite ok also for me if that's part of your
> business plan, but obviously it's not the same thing as doing open
> hardware.
> The topic is a bit delicate of course for freedom lovers so I hope it
> will not induce any negative debate. I'll buy the hardware anyway -
> even though non-free, it's anyway a few miles less non-free than any
> competing product besides original Openmoko :) Not to talk about
> completely free software side which is mostly what matters to me.

We have not 100% finalized the license policy since there is also a
(difficult) business case side, as you mention. And, we are not really
specialists on using software or design licenses for hardware.

As far as I remember from some presentaion by someone pushing Open
Hardware the situation appears to be as follows:

* the manual document and schematics are creative work and are protected
as such by copyright
* but only the pure document (e.g. drawings), not the content and ideas
* the hardware design itself, i.e. which chips are used and which pins
are connected are not part of this licence and can not be covered by copyright
(if someone wants to protect it there must be filed a patent)

This means that everyone can design his/her own device even using
the same logical schematics if it is drawn again in some CAD system
(although this is very close to a "copy") and doing his/her own layout.

The idea we have is to provide as much as we can, so that you as
software developers can optimally work with it. This means:
* a manual describing all chips and pins and pin assignments and
how to reach every bit and function
* the schematics (PDF) for reference to compare the description in
case of ambiguities
* the placement plan (PDF) so that you know which component is where
and you can do measurements and hardware mods
* enable others to continue with our work (and build e.g. a GTA04+) if we fail
or do other things

The licence we have planned is the CC-BY-SA-NC which means that
you can take the manual and republish it, even if you modify it.

The NC part is only that we don't want e.g. some print publisher reproduce
it commercially without contacting us. We can then provide a permission.

About the openness and future use it is no problem that someone
takes the idea, the schematics etc. and designs his/her own GTA
device based on this. And may even use it commercially.

We differ a little from e.g. Qi-Hardware/Sharism in that we have no plans
to publish e.g. Gerber files (Openmoko also didn't). The benefit would
not be high anyway for anyone, since much of the challenges is in choosing
the right suppliers who are capable of building such a device (I would assume
only 5% of the PCB manufacturers and EMS can do it), knowing how to
build a stencil, etc. which is not documented in these documents at all.

As far as I know the OpenPandora project is even more closed. There is
a hacker's guide but not even public schematics.

In summary, we only want to limit the freedom to simply copy everything.
There must be some intellectual challenge as we had to solve after starting
with the GTA02.

I hope this clarifies a little on our plans.


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