[Gta04-owner] GTA04A3 Testing Status Update

Milan Votava votava at mageo.cz
Mon Jul 25 19:17:07 CEST 2011

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> Hi all,
> over the weekend we tested back and forth and were not able to make the
> UMTS module wake up. Only three times we had strange signal forms on one
> output and the module did draw sporadically changing current.
> So it looked like it tried to startup but failed.
> And, after removing the shield, we found some capacitors within the module
> that are connected to our battery. But the resistance of this connection
> around 300 mOhm.
> Which is much too high for those big pads and wires.
> Therefore, we did reflow solder the module this morning again. With more
> energy and higher peak temperature.
> And voila, the module identified itself on the USB bus!
> Then, we had to fix the software again (our 2.6.32 version of hso.c does
> yet have the module id in its tables). But after using the "new_device"
> feature we could access the AT command channel through /dev/ttyHS4.
> And just 30 minutes ago - after inserting the board in a Freerunner case
> *with* GSM antenna - I was able to enter PIN, ask for active and
> neighbouring cells and finally was courageous enough to issue an ATD
> command.
> 3 seconds later my POTS did indeed ring...
> So we finally have reached a major milestone of hardware validation! USB
> interface works, SIM works, Antenna has some sensitivity and the module
> can even emit GSM signals.
> Now, I am not sure if we still can and should try to catch the production
> this week or wait 3 more weeks with production and do many more tests.
> If we can get the units produced, we would have them on Monday or
> Tuesday. But some areas are still not completely tested and may
> malfunction. These are:
> * Bluetooth / WLAN
> * Camera
> * Audio PCM of the UMTS module
> * Battery charging
> * some other minor areas
> And since everything is done in a hurry, we will not be sure how many of
> units will finally work and how many will fail.
> What do you think? Should we
> a) hurry and have all of you help testing (but low chance
>      to repair) or
> b) continue testing in our small team on two boards.
>     Ensuring that almost every bit and piece in hardware
>     works (not necessarily optimized, but works)?
> Nikolaus
> PS: thank you very much for all the donations! This will certainly help to
> finalize development (which needs to do some more tests, especially for
> RF parts).
> And, we may still have some broken boards to be repaired.



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