[Gta04-owner] GTA04A3 Testing Status Update

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Jul 23 10:42:48 CEST 2011

Hi all,
I have good news and bad news. As usual,

a) good news first:

	the DM3730 CPU is working fine :)

We had to fix some PinMux settings and initialisation
in X-Loader and U-Boot, but yesterday I received the
first board with a UMTS module!


This board has all components as the final GTA04.

b) bad news:

	the UMTS module does not respond on
	the internal USB2.0 :(

It is not even clear if it is initializing and running its firmware.

Currently we have no idea why and have not found
a way to debug it. What we don't know is, if we did some
mistake in hooking it up to the CPU or if it was badly
soldered or even was damaged during soldering.

This crumbles up the schedule again :(

The plan was to have this "golden master board" working
by yesterday and then produce the Early Adopter boards
next week.

But we can't start production before we know what the
problem is. Unfortunately, the production company will
have 3 weeks of holidays after next week. So unless we
find a solution over this weekend, we will have to wait until
end of August :(

One test we can do on Monday is to solder some wires directly
to another module. I.e. we don't reflow the whole module and
have more access to all signal pads.

But it is not clear if this already breaks the schedule. And
experiments like this also strain our development budget.

Well, the budget already became quite low due to all these
delays and many reworks.

So I would like to ask for some financial support. One option
is to donate:


(at the bottom of the page "Just a donation...").

Another good help would be if you could consider buying or
recommending this nice MIPS based mini-book from our shop:


It is not the most modern one, but amongst the cheapest ones and
with 670g really light weight. Some guys also have a working 2.6.31
kernel for this machine so that Debian Squeeze can run.

We can also provide the schematics so that you can e.g. add
an external access to the I2C bus or whatever ideas you have.

Getting rid of the remaining stock without scrapping them would
contribute a little to the GTA04 project.

Sorry that I don't have good news only,

PS: if someone is interested in internal details of the UMTS module
(which appears to be the same chipset as used in the iPhone 4),
start to search the web for "Gobi 3000" or "MDM6200". Or go to
and search for NCM / OMO6012

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