[Gta04-owner] Welcome

Neil Jerram neiljerram at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 01:07:57 CET 2011

On 24 January 2011 22:03, Michele Brocco <ssj2micvm at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/24/11, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com> wrote:
>> Am 24.01.2011 um 21:32 schrieb Michele Brocco:
>>> First, why did you called the GTA04 "Openmoko ...." :)?
>> Well, it is a replacement for an Openmoko GTA01/GTA02 and
>> I see "Openmoko.org" as a continuing community project that
>> was initiated by FIC and Openmoko, Inc. So why not call it the
>> same as before...
> I see. I just connected mentally Openmoko to the brand Openmoko Inc.

I agree.  Given that Openmoko continues to exist as a company, but is
not making the GTA04, I think it would be misleading, on balance, to
say just "Openmoko GTA04".  Plus:

- the Openmoko guys might not like it, so I think you should check with them

- I think you (Golden Delicious) deserve to have your own name in the title!

Also, should there be a non-technical name, i.e. the next in the
sequence "1973", "FreeRunner", ...?


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