[Gta04-owner] GTA04 hardware suggestion and discussions

Christoph Mair christoph.mair at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 00:56:17 CET 2011

Hi Glenn!

Am Samstag, 22. Januar 2011, 23:34:50 schrieb Glenn:
> Here are some hardware suggestion for discussion:
Wow, thats much information. It will take me a while to go through this :)

> 1) Possibility of IR RC5 receiver/transmitter
CIR (Consumer IR) may be emulated using an IrDA transceiver. This works on 
many laptops using lirc.

> 2) Possibility of IRDA transceiver
The PCB contains the footprint for an IrDA transceiver. The OMAP3 also 
supports this mode on the "Debug"-UART. The transceiver can be enabled using a 
We hope it will work through AUX-button, but this is completely untested yet. 
You may have to drill holes into the case to finally make it work.

> 3) Possibility of a "video-link"? Use
> touch-screen as a color matrix (2D) barcode video
> transmitter - and the camera as a receiver (half
> or full duplex). Let the link automatically adapt
> to to half duplex, if you need to turn your
> smartphone to establish the other half duplex
> connection. The link should also adapt frame rate
> and if the camera and/or screen is dirty - or the
> link is through a dirty window. I have no idea
> how fast the link can be as a function of
> distance. The link should automatically adapt if
> the video color matrix (2D) barcode is mirrored
> in any way - or "played" backwards.
Wow. What a crazy idea! I like it! :)
Unfortunately it won't work very well. Just try to capture the screen of your 
FR with a webcam and increase the distance until you can't read anything. I 
guess it will be a few meters, if you have a very good webcam. Connecting your 
DSLR with a 200x zoom to the FR could increase the distance ;-)

Similar Idea: Data transmission using vibration. Use the vibrator as sender 
and the accelerometer as receiver. It may work with a table as transmission 
line. Useful for meeting rooms with WiFi and BT jammers :)

> 4) Antenna diversity of (preferably pattern,
> space - or polarisation diversity):
The main problem with diversity is the available board space. HF antennas and 
traces need a certain space on the board and can't be to close to other 
components. Unfortunately this won't be possible with the current design as 
the board is already too crowded.

> Links:
Thanks for these! I'll go through them now..

Best Regards,

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