[Gta04-owner] beagle board sd card installation

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Feb 3 20:48:25 CET 2011

Hi Alex,

Am 30.01.2011 um 13:13 schrieb Alexander Lehner:

> Hello,
> I was trying to install a SD card for my XM-BB according to these instructions:
> http://download.goldelico.com/ombeagle/20100921-lenny/

Please try the new one:


Make sure that you use the MLO.XM (renamed to MLO).

The makesd script has now an environment variable:

	export MLO=MLO.XM 

> But the postinst script failed. I got very much messages of the kind '[Waiting for headers]' and many packages or package-lists failed to download.

I had sometimes seen the same message if the network connection is weak and
shows delays. So this comes from the network.

> Only a small portion of the about 30 required X11 packages were downloaded.
> Is there anyone with similair experiences?
> I would love it to see the BB-OM hybrid software stack beeing kept up to date, but since Nikolaus switched over to the panda board, I don't know about the effort of this...

As promised, there is an update...

> The hybrid board is a lovely piece of hardware and I was planning to build some NAS out of it. Sadly the onboard ethernet controller seems not to be supported, so I decided to use an USB-ethernet adapter.

The latest version also works with Ethernet. Although it is not 100% stable. I see
messages like
[ 4770.058288] usb0: kevent 2 may have been dropped
on the console.

You will have to manually do some ifconfig to set the network address
and route add default so that all outgoing traffic is routed to usb0.

E.g. (depending on your network)

	route add default gw usb0
	ifconfig usb0

The reason is that the default config is intended for the USB-OTG
port which happens to be called usb0 as well. And that one has a default
IP address of to be compatible with Angstrom/Openmoko.

So to make it permanently work, you also should edit 
/etc/network/interfaces - but *after* running the postinst script
(it will be overwriten by the script).

A final note: you should call ts_calibrate and calibrate the touch and then
reboot (xorg won't recognize the new /etc/pointercal immediately).


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