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W. B. Kranendonk wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 3 12:57:16 CET 2011

Hi List,

I haven't had time to read through the manual and just got up to date with the list-backlog (by the way, I have been trying to figure out who's bringing the openmoko-community-list back to live, but no success yet).

First of all: it's GREAT how the project (and product) is shaping up! I think it is nothing short of astonishing!

As far as the manual is concerned: I like the product name a lot :-) 

I got mostly textual questions (sorry for in-line URLs):
General: the licence is CC by-NC-SA, but the footer says all rights are reserved. Is that compatible?
P 7, apart from technical details/part numbers:
- Display: why is there a differende between GTA01/02 and 04?
- GPS: 20 channel, int/ext. Antenna > dual GPS? That's what I concluded from the mailinglist. Detail: antenna instead of Antenna
- Camera: maybe without nr of Mpx, since it is optional/exchangable? (Frankenphone, anyone? :-) )
- Sensors: 2-axis accelerometer_ or multiple 2-axis accelerometers?
- Sensors: Barometer/Thermometer not optional?
P 8:
- Camera: dual camera could be nice for 3D, but I guess it's a duplicate ;-)
P 9, 3.1.4. Module: out of interest, why would someone need a lack of eg backup battery/capacitor? Would these choices not make the board more expensive, instead of cheaper since it would be custom runs? Is it thought of as Beagleboard-alternative? edit: found 5.20. Expansion Connector at page 37; perhaps place a reference from P9 to p37? (details, of course... many more things could be cross referenced but not necessary at first/outside the wiki)
P16, 3.: In the following steps, please donʻt damage the silver pads or the black mat and be ver careful : don't > do not ; missing 'y' (very); (WOW, there's a LOT of tape there!)
P20, 7.:Carefully stow away the Freerunner PCB in an anti-static bag : I guess the GTA04 is provided in such a bag as well; it could read: ...stow away the GTA02 PCB in the provided anti-static bag...
P21, A) before : (layout thingy: keep with next paragraph/photo
P22: improve photo with paper behind hole: perhaps a schematic drawing of the two holes as well?
P24, 9.: Hahahaha!
P25: I skipped the links; 
WWAN: What is the difference between GTM601W and GTM601E? I saw at http://lists.goldelico.com/pipermail/gta04-owner/attachments/20110126/66397ebf/attachment-0004.jpg that we received -W, but http://www.option.com/en/products/products/embedded-mobile-broadband/gtm661-669/specifications/#start doesn't give easily readable differences. (No ½ size PCIe module Wifi, I guess?)
(THS8136) VGA DAC: the mailing list and in the pro-linux press item (Video- und Audio-Anschlüsse) hint at external display connections; is it already worked out? If so, seeing the (VGA DAC between brackets), are you thinking of digital or analog? "edit" OK, P26 answers: S-Video out Headset Jack (Composite only); what to make of it in terms of resolution? In the order of 800x600? What about "I2C3 Test Points (reserved for DVI control)" one more "finding": "5.11.3. Composite-Video Out" will probably explain :-)
P30, 5.3.1.: (compatible to BeagleBoard and the-ROM boot loader). ...the ROM... instead of the-ROM?
P31 , 5.3.2.: on the AC/DC thing: perhaps change it into "The power supply pins are not connected...", and later "Power input is rated at 3.2V- ...V DC; be sure not to cross 230V as it is the absolute maximum"
P32, 5.4: "in mainstream Linux kernel since 2.6.31": Option states kernel support from 2.6.26 and up(> Linux® (kernel version 2.6.26 and higher)); is that with a custom kernel? Should that be added?
P32, 5.5.3. "Second receiver included in Option GTM601, not connected to an antenna." or something like that?
P33, 5.9.3.: "The TSC2007 can measure the touch screen position and pressure"; is that measuring pressure as on/off or more than one level? (I suppose on/off, as it is a resistive screen?)
P36, 5.19. Battery holder: nice attention to detail!

Chapter 6 and onward I left for another time :-) 

Quite an impressive manual so far, it must have cost quite some time!

Thanks for sharing!

Best regards,



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