[Gta04-owner] Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the GTA04project

Xavi Drudis Ferran xdrudis at tinet.cat
Fri Dec 23 15:06:31 CET 2011

On Fri 23/12/11 10:54 , "Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller" <hns at goldelico.com> wrote:
> Thanks to those brave guys!

Yes, transitive thanks to you and those you thank !
> After fixing three minor hardware issues and some
> issues in kernel, U-Boot and MLO/X-Loader [1]
> it appears that everything now works as expected!

> Production rampup will continue in the first week
> of January so that it will soon become possible to
> deliver from stock. And, we have now a closer
> cooperation with OpenPandora so that we will find
> synergies in software, hardware and production.

? Nice to see you are cooperating. I guess buying components
together in bigger orders or something ? I hope both 
projects benefit. 
> For the group tour we already have reached 12%
> subscription and you have to hurry a little since the
> first early booking rebate will be sold out soon.

Already sold out. It's grown +3% to 15% in these last
3 hours. Now run for the second rebate... I didn't expect
the growth to be like this. I expected steps a little 
earlier, I don't know why. 
> Finally we have already made some experiments
> with 3D milling and also have a new idea how we can
> design a case that can be produced at shapeways.
 > So you can expect progress in the area of new cases
> in the next weeks.

Wow! Great!. I'll look forward to it. 

> Last but not least we have improved the hub page
> www.GTA04.org so that it should be easier to dig into
> relevant information starting at a single place.

Yes, it's way better.
The feature page, though, might be made a little clearer. 
In the features list for GTA04A4 it says 

 FM receiver and (optional) transmitter, both with RDS
 Sensors: 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis Compass, 3-axis Gyroscope, Barometer/Thermometer Ambient Light (optional)

Changes in GTA04A4 from GTA04A3

    * LIS302 removed
    * Sensors are no longer optional
    * Si4721 no longer optional

If the change from GTA04A3 to GTA04A4 is that something is no longer optional, 
it shouldn't be listed as optional in GTA04A4.

Also, in a features page, people may be looking for features, not components, so maybe it could say

Changes in GTA04A4 from GTA04A3

    * LIS302 removed  (accelerometer only component) 
         [or even add, "feature provided by LSM303" or whatever it is]
    * Sensors are no longer optional
    * Si4721 (FM transceiver ) no longer optional

And likewise for the changes from GTA04A2 to GTA04A3

Another nice to have change to that page: I would also like distinction
of those features that are not usable with the GTA02 case and peripherals 
(because connectors are not wired, there's no RFID antenna, 
FM transmission antenna or whatever it is). Maybe just some footnote 
saying "not used when installed in GTA02 case" .
 Or maybe this misses the point because it is a page for the features of the 
GTA04 board, not the phone (then why does it include the LCD?)...

> We from Golden Delicious Computers running
> the GTA04 project wish all a Merry Christmas
> (or if you don't believe in christian gods: we wish
> nice holidays :) and all the best for the year 2012.

Thanks, happy solstice celebrations for you too, and may 
you all and those around you come merrily to this point in orbit
around our beloved sun again once (and many times) more . ;op
Thanks for the good news.

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