[Gta04-owner] Error in pin layout of serial cable?

Jens Seidel jensseidel at users.sf.net
Mon Dec 5 01:30:57 CET 2011


I received my new board a few days ago and think I found an error in
the pin location of the serial cable. Pins 7 and 8 have to be swapped
in the table in the manual (so that this matches the picture of the
cable adapter at page 36):

According to page 35 of the PDF manual

"Pin location and signals:

Pin DCE pin UART3 GPIO Dir. Color (in our presoldered cable) DB9f pin
name (mode0) (mode4) number
1 GND - - - brown 5
2 EXT - 21 Out red 1 (DCD)
                  4 (DTR)
                 9 (RI)
3 CTS RTS 164 Out orange 7
4 TX RX 166 In yellow 3
5 RTS CTS 163 In green 8
6 RX TX 165 Out blue 2
7 GND - - - purple -
8 DCIN - - In grey -

7, 8 = orange, green = CTS, RTS

This seems to contradict with e.g.

RS232 DB-9 Connector Pin Out Pin # 	Signal Name 	Signal Description
1 	CD 	Carrier Detect
2 	RXD 	Receive Data
3 	TXD 	Transmit Data
4 	DTR 	Data Terminal Ready
5 	GND 	Signal Ground / Common
6 	DSR 	Data Set Ready
7 	RTS 	Request To Send
8 	CTS 	Clear To Send
9 	RI 	Ring Indicator

With the fixed layout I did not yet receive any output but maybe I did
something wrong :-)
The display backlight is on (it doesn't turn off for a short time),
now I disconnected it again. No change.

Found also some minor issues in the makesd script, which I will report
separately. Maybe my sd card doesn't contain a bootable system.

A remark to the replacing instruction (page 24):
"4.5. Glueing the Touch&LCD module onto the GTA04 PCB
1. Peel off the plastic cover on the double-sided tape of the GTA04 PCB."

Huh? Is there a double-sided tape on the new motherboard? I haven't
seen it and glued the display with double-sided transparent tesa
strip. Probably not the best solution but did I miss something?


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