[Gta04-owner] Status

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Aug 31 21:51:56 CEST 2011

Hi all,
again it is time for some status.

1. production of the Early Adopter boards
we have received a confirmation for calendar week 38.
The reason is that the CTO of our EMS company would
like to be available and currently he isn't. I think after
experiencing quite some problems with soldering, this
is the right decision - even if we have to wait two more weeks.
It may be possible that we can capture another video.

we have not yet had success to access the PCM interface
from the Linux side. The problem is that we don't understand
ALSA SoC good enough to add a separate McBSP channel
that either becomes visible as a separate sound card or
as another channel or subdevice of the existing sound card
for Earpiece, Microphone etc.

If there is someone on this list who is knowledgable about
the ALSA SoC architecture and drivers, please let's discuss.

What I have tested is to map the PCM interface pins to
GPIOs and look through them if there are signals. Good news:
yes, there is the PCM clock and the frame sync. But on
my two boards I can't see PCM data. Tomorrow the team
will meet and we will analyse two more boards.

This can again be a solderin issue because the missing
signals are in one corner of the LGA and LGS modules
may have soldering problems by PCB warping.

But there is also good news: we got permission to
publish the schematics page of the GTM601 and even
more important, publish the AT command list. Both
contain information that is usually only available in
a set of documents that are under NDA. We may not
republish their documents of course, but we can compile
our own.

3. System Manual
The system manual is becoming almost complete. We
are reviewing it and adding some hints that we already
got from you or by internal discussions. So it will be ready
together with the Early Adopter boards

4. Linux 3.x kernel
David has managed to build a booting kernel. Some
bits and pieces are still missing and unfortunately the
display did not work on his board. We are currently on
the way to get that fixed.


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