[Gta04-owner] Developing missing Linux drivers

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Sun Aug 21 15:46:38 CEST 2011

>Hello, folks.

>I have been watching gta04 development somehow and read the latest news
>about its progress. Thanks very much for the project and
Thx :-)

>I would like to help and saw that you have missing pieces in Linux.
>Since I have some expertise developing Linux drivers, I guess I could

>I see the most wanted code is the PCM voice path to UMTS modem. I
>haven't worked too much with ALSA and don't know many specifics of the
>gta04 hardware.
Working on issues relaying to UMTS is still a problem ATM, because
we still couldn't make out the NDA for this part.
You could watch nearly the entire schematics, except the two pages
about UMTS.

>However, since OMAP is a well supported platform in Linux, there is
>already support for McBSP. I am not sure that is enough, but I'd bet it
>is for the side of the controller. There is, however, the issue of the
>codec. I assume, in this case, the UMTS will do the work somehow. Do we
>have any public specs on how they are connected and which bus/protocol
>they use. Some questions would be: is it simple I2S? Do we have to do
>some handshaking through GPIO or a simple switching? Is McBSP connected
>to another codec? Is it simply a matter of routing? Do we know what PCM
>format UMTS works with? Is it both ways (input and output)?
We have datasheets and a schematic of our phone of course,
but we aren't allowed to give informations about UMTS out to people
who didn't subscribe NDA.
I think we have to fix this issue soon, because how UMTS is wired in your phone
is one of the most critical points on the whole damn thing.
I could ensure you as long as I want that we didn't put the ram-bus
onto the broadband chip like HTC does, but without showing you the relevant schematics
it's worth nothing...

>Meanwhile, we could work with some more simple devices. I have
>experience with I2C devices and V4L2 drivers. So, I could help working
>on the camera. Where do I get more details about it, what chip it uses,
>how they are connected to the SOC, etc.? And is there a git tree for the
>patched Linux or is there a single large patch (or a patch series) for a
>mainline version? It was based on 2.6.32, right? How is the progress on
>porting it to 3.0?
Yes. Koen Koi has made a patch series to make 3.0 boot on beagle board
and because the beagle board file and the gta04 board file are essentially the same
also gta04 will be made bootable on 3.0 with these patches.
Only problem: The server where the tar is located is down ATM...
I'll push a working kernel soon :-)

>My best regards,
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