[Gta04-owner] GTA04 Status

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Fri Aug 19 21:58:29 CEST 2011

Dear all,
after some more days of working in our shelters, I think
it is time for another status report.

1. GTA04 @ FrOSCon

Mickey Lauer will give a presentation about the Openmoko
history and future tomorrow afternoon in Bonn, Germany.

He will also talk about the GTA04 and will carry a working
board (at least he should have received one today). I don't
know if a life demo is possible.


Sorry for the short notice, but if you can manage to go there,
you are very welcome!

2. EA Boards

we have received some more fixed EA boards last week and
now 5 units are mostly working. They have been distributed
to Christoph, David, Mickey, Rene and me.

We were and are quite busy testing.

3. Hardware Validation results

Most functions are working. Some fixable and two not easily
fixable flaws have been identified so far. Other areas have
not yet been tested because Linux drivers are missing.

Here comes an overview about the categories (after fixing
the fixable flaws of course).

a) working (hardware and linux drivers are available):
* Booting
* Display
* Touch
* SD card slot
* Battery charging
* ALSA sound (headset, speaker, earpiece, microphone)
* Vibracall
* LEDs
* Buttons
* WLAN & Bluetooth (i.e. SDIO and UART interface)
* UMTS data connection (and SIM slot)
* TV-Out

b) works but quality is unclear:
* Receiver sensitivity of UMTS, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS
* Audio quality

c) flaws (not easily fixable without running a new board layout):
* Power supply stability of WLAN
* OTG port has (too) many bit errors in USB 2.0 mode (unless cable < 15cm)
* UMTS module can't be completely powered down
  and drains battery with 3-10 mA even if CPU is off

d) not tested (mainly because Linux drivers are missing and/or not properly configured):
* UMTS PCM voice path (needs some McBSP interface to ALSA)
* HDQ for battery status indication
* IrDA communication (Tx works)
* FM
* Sensors
* Camera
* Flash / Torch
* Headset microphone + remote control
* AUX-IN (stereo input)
* OTG Charge Pump (Host mode)

For part d) we have recognized that we don't have enough
expertise in writing the kernel software and those who have,
don't have the hardware (yet).

The Hardware Validation kernel is a 2.6.32-Kernel. The sources
are here (beware: the server has a slow network connection and
an upgrade is already in discussion):


4. Kernel Drivers

So we need your help. I.e. your Linux expertise and willingness
to learn new things together with us. Mainly to develop the missing
Linux kernel drivers and interfaces. And port new Userland code.

Therefore, we decided to build all remaining EA Boards next week
despite some flaws and untested areas.

So we will focus on producing the boards and do the post-production
tests. And finalize the manual so that you will have all information
you need.

Two areas are still in negotiation with the chip manufacturers.
One is the WLAN/BT module and the other one the UMTS
module. For both, we do not exactly know if we can publish
the schematics. And for UMTS, there are some proprietary
AT commands where we need the written permission to
publish them. Unfortunately, two of the commands are very
nice to make UMTS networking simple and to enable the
Voice PCM path.

Where we need more Kernel Expertise for testing the final bits
of the hardware:
* mmc driver (needs to detect SDIO if WLAN is powered on)
* 1-wire/HDQ driver and BQ270x0
* McBSP sound, ALSA integration (for UMTS & FM Radio PCM)
* Camera driver (OmniVision + I2C)
* ALSA-Integration of headset microphone, remote control, AUX in
* musb driver and OTG charge pump

5. Linux 3.x

David has got his GTA04 right for Chaos Communication Camo
(did you meet him?) and has already started to work on patching
a Linux 3.0 kernel. He will report results when they become

6. Questions?
Please ask us what you ever wanted to know about the GTA04
but were afraid to ask...

Nikolaus Schaller

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