[Fso] Android port of FSO middleware?

Alastair Pharo asppsa at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 14:33:26 CEST 2016


I'm interested in what members of this community think about the
feasibility of an Android implementation of the FSO middleware?  The way
I imagine this would work is that an Android background service would be
running on the device, which would register listeners for various
android "intents" and also maintain a d-bus connection.  It would then
ferry requests between the two systems, turning intents into d-bus
signals and vice versa.

I'm looking into this as a member of the B2G OS community (i.e. the
dregs of the discontinued Firefox OS project).  Whereas Firefox OS
relied on a bunch of custom web APIs that were only available in the
Firefox OS environment, we're looking to redesign the project using only
standard web APIs, and as such need a different way to talk with system

Currently I'm investigating whether a "websockified dbus" setup could
provide us with the access we need. This seems to work, but then the
question of what APIs to use naturally arises.  This project seems to
have done that work already!

Does anyone know if any attempts have been made to implement the FSO API
aside from the reference implementation?

A second question I wanted to ask is how open to additions to the FSO
API people are?  For instance, I see that there is a specific GSM API,
but no CDMA API.  I suppose it would be desirable to add a CDMA API, or
otherwise to generalise the existing GSM one.

Thanks in advance for your views.


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