[Fso] Android port of FSO middleware?

Dr. Michael Lauer mickey at vanille.de
Mon Nov 7 10:13:01 CET 2016

Dear Alastair,

first off, sorry for the long delay in answering you. Since this mailing list is pretty quiet,
I completely overlooked it.
> I’m interested in what members of this community think about the feasibility of an Android implementation of the FSO middleware? The way I imagine this would work is that an Android background service would be running on the device, which would register listeners for various android “intents” and also maintain a d-bus connection. It would then ferry requests between the two systems, turning intents into d-bus signals and vice versa.
That sounds pretty good. I don’t have a lot experience with Android (being mainly an iOS guy), but I believe the
FSO services API to be a great opportunity for a free telephony stack on Android.
> Does anyone know if any attempts have been made to implement the FSO API aside from the reference implementation?
I have read „between“ the lines about a handful of projects, but all of those were for proprietary communication modules and unfortunately I never heard back about experiences.
> A second question I wanted to ask is how open to additions to the FSO API people are?
Absolutely open. If you have good ideas and have solid code, we’re all in for contributions!
(especially now that most people have jumped ship due to the lack of hackable off-the-shelf hardware FSO runs on).
> For instance, I see that there is a specific GSM API, but no CDMA API.
Yes, this is mostly historic. I have implemented most of the reference implementation and being located
in germany, I have never seen a CDMA device in person :)
> I suppose it would be desirable to add a CDMA API, or otherwise to generalise the existing GSM one.
Absolutely. I don’t know the amount of differences between both APIs, so I can’t judge whether
new API is necessary or just a dedicated modem provider class. I appreciate any input.

Best regards and sorry again for the delay.


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