[Fso] FSO Documentation (was: [fso/specs] [PATCHES] remove generated files, switch to xz)

Dr. Michael Lauer mickey at vanille.de
Sun Mar 15 14:25:59 CET 2015


> Am 10.03.2015 um 06:03 schrieb Paul Wise <pabs3 at bonedaddy.net>:

> Please apply the attached patches to fso/specs.

Done, thanks! There actually was a reason why I had the generated files in the repository –
back then I linked the documentation directly to the repository, so they were always current.

These days, I have learned that there a bunch of sites for documentation, the most prominent
one being readthedocs.org <http://readthedocs.org/>. Does anyone have experience with this service? Is this (or github pages)
something we should use for the official docs (since docs.freesmartphone.org <http://docs.freesmartphone.org/> is no more)?



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