[Fso] FSO Revitalizing Plan

Sebastian Reichel sre at debian.org
Thu Mar 13 23:21:17 CET 2014


On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 10:46:29PM +0100, gregor herrmann wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Mar 2014 19:06:58 +0100, Lukas Maerdian wrote:
> > The Neo900 (neo900.org) looks like a nice target for the future (end
> > of this year), as it is based on the GTA04 and provides to possibility
> > to explore new technology, such as LTE. In Addition the N900/Neo900
> > has a very big and vital developer base and 
> Well, more like a handful of people left ...
> > some people are keen to
> > port Maemo5/Fremantle to the Neo900. 
> ... which is a Debian fork from 2008 or 2009.
> Getting something newer on current hardware would be nice :)

That won't happen without somebody working on it ;)

Since this is a big meta-thread anyway I will misuse it to mention,
that I'm currently working on mainlining N900 drivers with the aim
of running Debian without any external dependencies. This is also
useful for Neo900 of course, since they reuse quote some components.

The current status can be seen here (and kept up to date):


-- Sebastian
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