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Am 04.09.2011 um 13:56 schrieb tommy.hong:

>  Dear All:
>              Hi,I am new to Gta04 mailst,I have a idea for Gta04 Team and All lists,I have no enough time and ability to do ,my idea is :
>               Acompany with Android more and more usage in CE market,I think some Industrial control and not CE product will use Android ,so there are no good Industrial product (Opensource) until now,which running Android,hardware spec support Can,Multi Ethernet Port,Multi Uart,SPI,I2C and other Modules (barcoder and ....).
>               So if Gta04 team has interest to do this,will make Android industrial community and Potential Customers/Companys join in.
>               Some company has provided some Android industrial Product,but just a few ,Most people worry its Android industrial usage stablity and real-time feature,there are no good platform to evaluate directly,just buy some EVB Board to evaluate.
>               Above is my short idea.

This is an interesting idea. I have never though about Android
being used outside of the Smartphone/Tablet products, but
you are right.

Android has a lot of developers, has development tools and
is a quite elaborate platform. Why not use the widgets and
gadgets of the toolkit for industrial GUI requirements.

I am not expereinced myself in Android, but there are at least
3 projects to port Android to the Beagleboard. And since the
GTA04 is 95% compatible, I think Android could be ported
quite quickly.

It just needs the additional hooks to CAN, Ethenet, etc.

Something to think about.


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