[Tinkerphones] ZeroPhone site offline

Dr. Michael Lauer mickey at vanille.de
Mon Jan 3 13:06:39 CET 2022

Thanks for churning up these interesting comments, Paul.

It’s extremely sad that after all these years with all our technological 
advancements and choice of free software projects, getting the very
basic task – solid and reliable phone calls with tolerable
audio quality and battery life – right, still seems to be unachieved.

As much as I love hacking middleware and user interfaces, I never got the
hang out of kernel and/or hardware programming. Even back in the
Openmoko days, I always had the feeling that the kernel and userland people
did not work together close enough. There were certainly people missing who had a
holistic approach, trying to work across the stack to provide an optimal
user experience.

I always thought this would mainly be a problem with our chaotic community-based
self-organized structures, but not with corporate ones…

That said, if the hardware and the kernel does not provide a certain quality, you can 
only do so much in userland. And it looks to me like the problem is still mainly that.


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