[Tinkerphones] Librem 5

Dr. Michael Lauer mickey at Vanille.de
Sat Feb 13 20:28:01 CET 2021

> But app developers (like those developing QtMoko) did expect 100% which we
> even have not achieved many years after the active development of QtMoko ended.

Not just app developers, also middleware. In fact, the whole userland is depending on a 100%
functioning kernel – otherwise it’s just no fun anymore.

When I was younger, I could understand the „fixation“ on getting things into mainline – now, 
with more years on my back, I believe things would have turned out differently if we were
to follow the path of most commercial developers – which is, freezing the kernel at one point
of time to allow the rest of the folks to move forward without a moving target.

Later on, perhaps, submit stuff upstream, jump to another mainline kernel (if necessary), rinse
and repeat.


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