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Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Sat Feb 13 11:52:13 CET 2021

Quoting michael spreng (2021-02-13 10:45:18)
> In December I received my librem5 phone and now had some time to try 
> it out. It seems to work reasonably well, can make phone calls and 
> messages. Though there is no support yet for the camera.

Seems camera support saw progress for the low-level driver part as 
recent as yesterday: 

User-level access to camera seems tracked here: 

Using the camera from sripts seems possible since 2 months (but possibly 
specific to certain revision of the phone, or maybe the devkit): 

The phone ships with the more stable "amber" release of PureOS.  Geeks 
might wanna explore the in-progress "byzantium" release instead, to get 
and play with bleeding edge changes: 

> Though programs not adapted for the phone screen are rather weird, 
> like vlc.

A geeky way to locate _some_ adaptive apps is to look for packages 
depending on libhandy-1-0 (or libhandy-0.0-0).  That only covers GTK 
apps, though - I am unaware if any such package-level indicators exist 
for Qt-based apps like VLC.

The user-friendly way is to use the appstore, which shows only adaptive 
apps - and yes, there are only very few so far...

 - Jonas

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