[Tinkerphones] LetuxOS on PinePhone

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Feb 20 15:08:42 CET 2020

I had ordered a developer PinePhone last year and unfortunately
it did collect dust, because I was too disturbed by other

And, I had to build my aarch64/arm64 cross-toolchain first.

But now I have managed to build a Letux 5.6-rc2 kernel.
And just some minutes ago I was able to boot after tweaking
with some u-boot related files!

Now comes the very interesting and unexpected part.

I do not (yet) have an arm64 Debian rootfs for installation
through makesd and accidentially installed the standard
armhf (32 bit) Jessie image.

And that works as well. Up to a login: on the PinePhone screen.

Since it has no keyboard I can't login of course.
And the console login is not configured. There is
only console output but no getty running.

After this observation it does not seem to be complicated
to get LetuxOS Replicant or QtMoko running on this device!

What I have to do next is to adapt the makesd and other
tools so that we can easily bake a bootable µSD card.

So if you happen to own a PinePhone as well, please stay
tuned until I can share a working makesd command.


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