[Tinkerphones] makesd (was Re: [Gta04-owner] New LetuxOS Kernels and some tricks and thoughts)

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Tue May 28 13:50:01 CEST 2019

Quoting Paul Boddie (2019-05-28 13:20:26)
> On Monday 27. May 2019 20.46.32 H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> > Configuration of the LetuxOS is now completely done by some 
> > letux-something.deb packages. So no single file is touched (well, 
> > there is some fallback at the moment that should be eliminated soon) 
> > besides through installing a .deb package. So it can also be removed 
> > or replaced (there are usually preinst and postrm scripts to make 
> > backups). The same for the kernel package.
> This part starts to sound a bit like Jonas's Boxer tool and its 
> objectives.

...except done _outside_ of Debian, so more comparative to (and no doubt 
far more elegantly written than) my scripts for https://bix.redpill.dk/ 
which is tracked at https://salsa.debian.org/tinker-team/box - to goal 
of those scripts is to be assimilated into Boxer, i.e. become a Debian 
_Pure_ Blend.

> I did think a bit more about the formulation of systems in makesd 
> yesterday, trying to understand how some of the options work, and it 
> occurred to me that if I were describing the partitioning scheme then 
> I might use a notation like this:
> ----
> partition debian
> type: ext4
> root: debian
> kboot: latest
> dboot: latest
> modules: latest
> config: latest
> partition lxde
> $debian
> root: lxde
> partition lc8-boot
> type: fat
> size: 5
> boot: Letux-Cortex-8/latest
> kernel: latest
> devices: latest
> partition lc8-root
> $lxde
> kernel: none
> devices: none
> size: 95
> system lc8
> $lc8-boot
> $lc8-root
> ----

What format is that? Looks like a custom format to me.

I recommend using a common format, like ini (separating sections with 
[foo] lines instead of horisontal space being significant) or YAML or 
TOML or JSON or shell sourcable variables (i.e. the format used for 
/etc/default/* files so probably well-defined womewhere for that use).

> This kind of notation reminds me of other things, which I suspect 
> might be these "orchestration" tools people use for cloud computing 
> and provisioning.

Not sure, but I think YAML is commonly used nowadays. Boxer currently 
rely on "reclass" which was written for Puppet, Salt, and Ansible.

> However, I think multistrap also has some similar notion of 
> specialising definitions:
> ----
> [Debian]
> packages=udev busybox-static
> packages=openssh-server openssh-client
> ...
> ----

Yes, multistrap uses ini format.

Also, multistrap is only really a competitor for debootstrap, not an 
orchestration tool.

 - Jonas

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