[Tinkerphones] New Kernels for LetuxOS

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Feb 19 18:09:14 CET 2019

there are once again new kernel builds for LetuxOS:


There is only minor code improvement. Mainly I have fixed the
PVR/SGX530 driver for OMAP3 (GTA04) so that it is again able to
load the microkernel firmware. Unfortunately we are still missing the
framebuffer backend interface so we can't demonstrate anything.

Another notable change is that Andreas and I have discussed how
we can simplify the built-in CONFIG_CMDLINE. It turned out that
we could get rid of most settings because they are outdated or redundant
with the command line already provided by U-Boot. Especially the
definition of the console device.

The really nice side-effect is that we do no longer need a separate
defconfig for the Udoo neo (i.MX6) and the RasPi 3B+ (BCM2837).
They differed almost only in console device name.

Starting with letux-5.0-rc7 we now have a defconfig that fits all - and
maybe even more.

In my opinion most CONFIG things are like weedy... At least if we
remain within one processor architecture (e.g. ARMv7). Differences
between processors and boards should be managed by Device Tree
and loadable kernel modules. So that the boot process pulls in what
is needed on the specific device and leave out what is not. Instead
of compiling different kernel binaries for every system.

So we are coming much closer to the overall goal of LetuxOS to be
a single OS variant/binary that supports as many devices as complete
as possible.

We currently support the following devices:

	• BeagleBoard C, BeagleBoard XM
	• BeagleBoard (C/XM) with Openmoko Beagle Hybrid expansion board
	• GTA04A3, GTA04A4, GTA04A5 (Letux 2804)
	• GTA04b2 (Letux 3704)
	• GTA04b3 (Letux 7004)
	• dormant: GTA04b7 (Neo900)
	• PandaBoard ES
	• OMAP5432EVM
	• OMAP5432EVM + Pyra development boards
	• BeagleBone
	• PocketBeagle
	• Letux Cortex 8 (similar to PocketBeagle)
	• Letux Cortex 15 (Pyra CPU-Board stand-alone)
	• Pyra-Handheld
	• Letux Cortex 15 EVAL (Evaluation Board)
	• GTA15 / Pyra Phone (planned)
	• Udoo Neo (i.MX6)
	• Letux 400 (mostly untested)
	• RaspBerry Pi 3B+

And we are open to other platforms. Please make proposals. Make donations
of hardware. Donate some testing time and test results. It will help everybody.
And donate some time to update the documentation.

So we (will) only have 3 different binary builds left over: ARM, ARM+LPAE, MIPS.

For details see:


BR and successful use,

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