[Tinkerphones] PinePhone

Pičugins Arsenijs crimier at yandex.ru
Tue Feb 19 15:02:43 CET 2019

> The ZeroPhone was being readied for crowdfunding, although it now looks like
> the developer is doing something with a TI product (like those used in the
> PocketBeagle)...
> https://zerophone.github.io/newsletter/ZeroPhone-Weekly-No.-18/

The plan is to have an alternative CPU board for those not particularly
interested in Raspberry Pi (for whatever reason). So, it's a side project
of sorts, but I might also offer it during the crowdfunding =)

> But, as always, it is about more than just the hardware even if that is a
> particularly difficult part to get right.

Yep, laying foundations for software in a proper way is tricky, unfortunately
- and I'm still learning about that, while working on everything, both
hardware, software and the numerous community-building matters =)

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