[Tinkerphones] FOSDEM Talks

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu Feb 7 17:21:01 CET 2019


I saw that there were a number of FOSDEM talks related to this list and to 
some of our previous discussions. For instance:

"FST-01SZ (Flying Stone Tiny 01 revision ShenZhen)"

"Maemo Leste"

This latter one is interesting in a number of different ways, as presumably 
many people on this list already know, in that the project continues support 
for the Maemo technologies, attempts to support various devices (including new 
ones, if they get released), and directs effort towards various common 
problems affecting open hardware projects (like supporting awkward 
technologies such as whichever GPU product happened to get bundled in any 
given SoC).

Indeed, on the topic of new devices, maybe someone bumped into the Necunos 
people at FOSDEM. Digging around on their site finally brought me to this 


Personally, I cannot get excited by a device that is not developed in the 
open, and it also doesn't seem to have cellular connectivity, but I guess it 
might help drive Free Software development for such devices, at least.


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