[Tinkerphones] QtMoko2 progress

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Mar 1 15:37:37 CET 2018

Dear tinkerers and readers,
it is time for another update:

* we have brought the Jessie and Wheezy source code in better sync [1]
* in total we currently have just 5 patches on top of Wheezy
  to get it compiled and linked and installed on Jessie
* we have fixed some wrong ALSA mixer states
* some (invisible) warnings have been fixed - just to be safe
* there is a script for easier debugging on the device (it runs qpe
  under the control of gdb and disables auto-suspend)
* Andreas has found some more power-saving patches for the kernel

The Jessie version has a significant bug (a double-free) where we
only know that it comes from QSmoothListPrivate::dereferenceItem
called by libQtCore.so.4 while closing e.g. the Calendar.

This seems to be very difficult to track down since the first free()
must have been done unnoticed much earlier in code.

And it is not at all obvious how this comes from compiling on Jessie
and adding 5 patches. It might be a gcc bug, or a bug that reveals
itself only when using a newer gcc or newer APIs of some libs.

This means at the moment we can only recommend to use the Wheezy
version. Unless we can fix that in source code.

Finally, I have installed QtMoko/Wheezy through makesd on an
OpenPandora SD card and the result is promising:


So it might at least basically work at on the PyraPhone as well.

BR and happy tinkering,

[1]: http://git.goldelico.com/?p=gta04-qtmoko.git;a=summary

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