[Tinkerphones] New Letux Kernel releases

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Jun 26 15:16:58 CEST 2018

after it looks like we have really fixed the strcmp(NULL) bug,
I finally could update the kernel trees and precompiled binaries.

We have now:
alpha:			4.18-rc2
beta:			4.17.3
latest/master/stable:	4.16.17
oldstable:		4.14.51

As usual you can access the sources or binaries through:


Major changes to 4.17ff have been:

* added simple xscreenshot tool
* harmonized letux_defconfig and letux_udoo_defconfig
* fixed Udoo neo accelerometer/gyro/magneto drivers and usb
* added Udoo neo hdmi (not working)
* properly rotate Pyra display by tvout script
* bq2429x driver: rebased on top of now included original patches by Rokchip
* bq2429x driver: include suspend/resume handling (start/stop scheduled worker)
* bq2429x driver: removed public include file and reworked to use gpiod
* bq2429x driver: added is_enabled for the OTG regulator
* fixed Pyra V5.1 otg-enable gpios mixup with pyra-old-leds
* fixed Pyra OTG power control (needs a V5.2 mainboard or a hardware fix for 5.1.3)
* w2sg0004: remove unneeded #include for irq.h
* added patches for Pandora keyboard FN support
* fixed problems in pinctrl which did lead to strcmp(NULL) or missing modules
* added the gab_probe fix

I have not yet merged any of this into the "latest" kernel (except
the gab_probe fix) because we have to test it on as many systems
as possible. So please test 4.17.3 and/or 4.18-rc2 on:


and report any regressions.

In addition, bug fixes and new features (e.g. a pyra_defconfig) for
inclusion in alpha are welcome.

BR and thanks,

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