[Tinkerphones] New tinkerphone gadgets in Goldelico shop?

Xavi Drudis Ferran xdrudis at tinet.cat
Tue Nov 14 19:27:33 CET 2017

El Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 08:10:12PM +0200, Pičugins Arsenijs deia:
> > I half remember most smartphone batteries include a charger chip
> > and GTA04 batteries do not (the chip is in the phone and should be
> > in the charger).

> That is definitely not the case. 99.999% is that the "charger", that
> is, the thing with a MicroUSB cable you plug into the wall socket,
> only provides constant voltage and some guarantee about max current
> available (say, 5V/2A).

By "the charger" I meant the device Goldelico could build, not a USB power supply.

>   The phone has a charging chip inside, which takes 5V and uses it to
>   charge the battery, controlling the charging rate and stopping the
>   charging process when the battery is full. The battery itself
>   doesn't have any provisions for charging inside, aside from a
>   protection circuit that prevents it from overcharging (doesn't
>   have to be there, but is included in 99.999999% phones with LiIon
>   batteries), and a thermistor so that the charger can measure
>   temperature of the battery and stop charging when the battery is
>   too hot. Talking about protection circuit, it protects from 1)
>   discharging the battery too deep (because it will get damaged, and
>   in certain circumstances might burst into flames when charged the
>   next time), 2) overcharging the battery (even though the cha rger
>   is not supposed to do that, there's still a small chance, like
>   charger short-circuiting 5V onto its output because of a power
>   surge) and 3) short-circuiting the battery. Again, that is just
>   how phones are built, at least for a decade now.

Ok. Sorry for my disinformation and thank you for explaining. 

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