[Tinkerphones] New tinkerphone gadgets in Goldelico shop?

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Nov 13 11:38:07 CET 2017

> Am 13.11.2017 um 11:31 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard <jonas at jones.dk>:
> Quoting H. Nikolaus Schaller (2017-11-13 08:33:45)
>> Am 04.11.2017 um 22:17 schrieb Niels <nift at maclisp.org>:
>>> I have been wanting a FST-01 for a while, but not found any place to 
>>> buy one.
>> I have studied the schematics and it will take less than 1 day to 
>> prepare for producing some clone...
>> Cost is also reasonable, e.g. something below 30€ seems feasible for 
>> tiny quantities (if produced in batches of 10). So it is possible to 
>> provide permanent supply.
>> What I understood is that it needs some flashing tool to be connected 
>> to a jumper. Maybe someone can elaborate this.
>> One thing is to be discussed about the USB interface:
>> Should we keep the USB-A plug or try to replace it by an Mini-USB-A so 
>> that it can be directly plugged into a GTA0x?
>> Or even 3 variants with Standard-USB, MiniUSB and µUSB? Or does 
>> someone have an idea if multiple sockets are feasible?
> I would buy a microUSB model if made - and I believe it could be made to 
> work with standard Android for those using F-droid, and therefore have 
> potential users among those too.

Ah, yes. Many Android devices have an µUSB OTG port.

Hm. I wonder if we can build/design one with multiple plugs so that one-fits-all.


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