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H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sun Nov 5 19:34:51 CET 2017

Hi Sven,

> Am 27.10.2017 um 11:46 schrieb Sven Dyroff <S.Dyroff at phytec.de>:
> Hello Nikolaus, 
> >> I've been following the tinkerphone mailing list all this time and was 
> >> quite disappointed about the complex soldering problems you've experienced. 
> > 
> > Yes... Well, it is more a financial problem. We would have just needed 0.5% 
> > of what Librem 5 has collected to do one or two more trial runs. 
> > 
> > And I am sure we know what went wrong because I was finally able to identiy 
> > one difference in the production tools between successful GTA04A4 and failed 
> > GTA04A5. But we couldn't finance more tests from the money on the table. 
> So how much money would be needed in order to lead the GTA04A5 to a successful end? 

I am still collecting information, before I can make a precise estimate, but please expect >> 10k €.

One part is that this needs a new stencil, production preparation (there is one person sitting
one day to fill the component feeders) and the production run itself. Which would be 1 day
renting operator persons plus machine operation time. And someone has to test and potentially
fix all the devices. This will be somewhere between 5k € and 10k €.

Another major factor in this calculation is that due to the delay and our problems there is now
the Librem 5 ready for preorder at 599 USD.

This makes it unlikely that there are still enough Openmoko friends who prefer to buy a GTA04A5
board at the planned price of 444 € or a complete Letux 2804 at 584 € plus VAT. This price was
calculated to cover all cost under the assumption that everything goes well (with some reserve
for problems - but this has already been used more than completely).

So a more realistic price would be 244 € for a GTA04A5 board and 384 € for a complete
Letux 2804. The production is ca. 60-70 boards limited by the remaining components. So this
means another ca. 13k€ is missing because of this effect.

If we find a gratuitous donator covering the additional cost (and risk that it will fail again),
we could give it a try to build the final batch of devices. We could even invite the donator
to participate and watch the production run.

Thus, a rough estimate is that in total it is ca. 1% of what Librem 5 has collected... Or
one 10-pack of Librem 5 + 30 inch Monitors.

So if someone wants to donate or knows someone :)



PS: there is the "Hall of Fame of previous contributions" at this page:

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