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H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Thu Mar 16 13:19:25 CET 2017

Hi Andreas,

> Am 16.03.2017 um 12:20 schrieb Andreas Kemnade <andreas at kemnade.info>:
> Hallo Nikolaus,
> On Tue, 14 Mar 2017 21:24:18 +0100
> H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> you may be wondering how progress is.
>> First of all, I have currently 11 GTA04A5 working boards on my
>> desk (one did work initially but failed since now) which boot
>> fine.
>> It turned out that our hw-test script was not testing all
>> components as good as possible, so I have worked on it to
>> be much better. Now it also tests WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS
>> and some other components. In total it was much more effort
>> to put into kernel and hw-test to really be able to do
>> such an automated test. Reason is that you also have to test
>> the tester... And make the kernel and user-space work stable
>> for almost all chips and interfaces.
> What I am wondering about is the backup battery test. I do not think it
> is a good idea to test only once. My old semi-broken gta04 gives flaky
> values there. So sometimes the voltage might look ok, sometimes wrong.
> So the test might miss problems.

Yes. It is very difficult to write tests that have 100% coverage of
all potential failures. Especially for rare failures.

Most of the tests are a little primitive and hence incomplete. They
mainly test if the PCB has been soldered properly, i.e. if peripheral
components can be accessed and respond reasonable to all stimuli.

Sometimes they don't even check this. For example the tvout test does
not test hardware (unless a tv set is connected to the headset jack
and somebody has a look at the result). So it is not even an automatic

The backup test only checks if the supercap is being charged and has
reached a reasonable voltage since power-on. If the supercap would be
missing or had a bad solder joint it would no charge at all.

It does not even attempt to test the capacity of the supercap and if
and how long it maintains RTC during battery switching.

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