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27. Oct 2016 22:24 por paul at boddie.org.uk:

> Cutting the GTA04 list because it isn't directly relevant, although I'm not 
> really sure of the relevance here anyway...
> On Thursday 27. October 2016 19.43.27 H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> Now back to the topic of FLOSS. This driver is of
>> course free. But it will need / load firmware binaries
>> into the GPU part of the SoC. These binaries are
>> on one hand some "microkernel" running on the SGX
>> GPU and the ARM libraries for OpenGL etc.
> It was interesting to finally get hold of a programming manual for a 
> completely different SoC - the Ingenic JZ4780 - which is also burdened with a 
> PowerVR implementation (SGX540). Unfortunately, there are no details of how 
> the 3D functionality of the GPU is accessed, in contrast to all the register 
> descriptions for that SoC's 2D functionality (X2D).
> Given what was said about the Broadcom SoC used in the Raspberry Pi, the 
> claims of "fully free" drivers and yet the continued presence of a non-free 
> microkernel, I can easily imagine the SGX functionality being rather similarly 
> structured, regardless of the larger SoC being ARM-based (like the DM3730) or 
> MIPS-based (like the JZ4780).
>> So thats it for today. And I hope I can bring some
>> news about the GTA04A5 tomorrow.
> I hope it will be good news!
> Paul
> P.S. You mentioned another phone concept on the list a while back that was to 
> use one of the AM series of TI SoCs. Are there any more details on this yet?
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