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H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Jun 15 15:27:37 CEST 2016

> Am 15.06.2016 um 15:10 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard <dr at jones.dk>:
> Quoting H. Nikolaus Schaller (2016-06-15 14:10:34)
>> Am 15.06.2016 um 13:48 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard <dr at jones.dk>:
>>> Quoting Josua Mayer (2016-06-15 13:07:56)
>>>> Am 15.06.2016 um 06:45 schrieb H. Nikolaus Schaller:
>>>>> Since I am not sure how easy it is to set up write access for an
>>>>> apt repo on the goldelico server (this is outside of the project
>>>>> management tool), it would be a good idea to host it where the
>>>>> infrastructure exists.
>>>>> Some things to think about:
>>>>> * a different server needs to manage developer login twice
>>>>> * ideally users would add some www.qtmoko.net path to
>>>>>  /etc/apt/source.list
>>>>> * so we need to add a forwarding link
>>> APT does not support http 301/302 redirection,
>> Hm. That is bad luck ...
>>> so if branding is important,
>> yes I think it is important. Small plants need a well defined home to
>> keep all parts together.
>> if we have a qtmoko.net home page downloads should come from the same
>> domain (until they are some day part of ftp.debian.org).
>>> then either services need to be established at your own hosts or
>>> "forwarding" means entries in domain name system.
>> Well, I can create a subdomain debian.qtmoko.net and direct it to
>> whatever IP address the server is sitting on.
>> At least in theory.
>> In practice the qtmoko domains are hosted in a package that does not
>> allow subdomains - but it can (an IMHO should) be changed (by paying
>> some one-time transfer fee...).
> Why qtmoko.net?  Is this specific to qtmoko packages?


We are discussing how to get QtMoko on top of Debian, aren't we?
And for that purpose we need a clearly distinguished apt repo.

In my view we are not missing Kernel or Debian for GTA04 but QtMoko
for Debian...

And QtMoko could be interesting for other projects/communities as well,
e.g. Maemo. Or Debian desktop...

So to clarify:

- QtMoko is a GUI software project using Qt on top of Debian
- Letux is a brand name for hardware by Goldelico
- Letux is also a Linux Distro (based on Debian) for portable devices (that is how it was created >10 years ago for an Acer n30 PDA)
- OpenPhoenux is our community where we can meet, discuss, have fun, create new ideas, ...
- Goldelico is a company - and just 1 member of the community

> I suggest to setup a) deb.goldelico.com now, and consider working

Well, http://download.goldelico.com/quantumstep/debian/dists/ already exists.

This is not created by debian tools (and therefore packages are not signed and
not all features of apt are supported, e.g. no difference files).

Of course, the variants need some renaming to harmonize with Debian.

I could rewrite the scripts in a way that they are run by cron, and perhaps even
sign them automatically. So just uploading a new .deb could be recognised a little

> towards b) deb.openphoenux.org when the community controls its domains
> and machines (not Golden Delicious, but perhaps sponsored by them).

I think we need to set up a repo that works with any name...
Then we can rename things.

>>> Most elegant setup involves root access (involves juggling low-port
>>> services, cron jobs, and installation of tools).  Can I be granted
>>> root on your server
>> No. There are other confidential projects running on the same server.
>> This is why I thought to run it on a different server and just
>> redirect the domain.
> I am happy for that response - it means you care about security :-D


>>> to set it up, or do I need to proxy all changes through someone else
>>> (read: more bothersome)?
>> Well, that might still be easier than all other setups.
> Well, it sure is easier for me: I will then simply suggest you to follow
> this: https://wiki.debian.org/SettingUpSignedAptRepositoryWithReprepro
> When done (and you are not exhausted by then)

doesn't look difficult. The main task is to set up a virtual machine
on the server to run Debian on it... So please do not expect that it is
done in the next days or weeks. This is why using an existing apt
server and just redirecting the domain would be easier.

> , I can try isolate and
> explain details I did differently for my https://deb.jones.dk/


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