[Community] [Gta04-owner] GTA04A5 RAM + NAND size

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Fri Jun 3 23:03:23 CEST 2016

I just stumbled upon this old post:

Quoting H. Nikolaus Schaller (2015-11-28 20:08:01)
> Another (probably easier to solve) issue for the 1GB + 512MB is that 
> we want to provide some default Linux+Debian+LXDE (or something else) 
> in NAND for all GTA04A5 boards we ship. So that you have something to 
> boot into before partitioning and even buying any µSD card.
> Unfortunately we have not yet managed to squeeze Wheezy nor Jessie 
> images so that they fit into ~450 MB. They end up with ~800 MB.
> Therefore they would easily fit into the 512MB + 1GB chips, but not in 
> the 1GB + 512MB.
> If someone has an idea how to strip it better down than this script, please let
> me know:
> <http://git.goldelico.com/?p=gta04-rootfs.git;a=blob;f=config/root/flash-nand;hb=refs/heads/master>
> (this script already strips unneeded kernel modules and most debian 
> caches).

Above script starts with the following comment:

  "clone the currently running system to NAND"

I suspect the place to save more space is in looking into which packages 
gets installed.  Do you have the script to _create_ the system that I 
can examine and tweak?

 - Jonas

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