[Tinkerphones] Some questions about GTA04 and Neo900

roy jackson roy.r.jackson at outlook.com
Mon Jul 25 20:05:06 CEST 2016

Hi there,

fortunately I've ran accross with the Neo900 phone and its predecessor.

This project is great work! Thank you!

I've read 

 * http://neo900.org/specs 


 * http://neo900.org/resources 


I'm planning to purchase either a GTA04 or a Neo900.

But finally, there are some open questions about installing 
operating systems which are not based on so called Linux 
Kernel, e g. FreeBSD, QNX, ...  .

Exists a listing about HW sensors (e. g. monitoring antenna, ...) 
which are integrated on both devices?

Are all integrated HW sensors deployed with same kind 
of controlling MC?

Exists a listing about ioctl(2) primitives which are accepted
by WH sensors controlling MC?

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