[Tinkerphones] interesting project about smartphone privacy

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sun Jul 24 20:17:51 CEST 2016


> Am 24.07.2016 um 09:27 schrieb Pavel Borecki <pavel.borecki at gmail.com>:
> https://www.pubpub.org/pub/direct-radio-introspection

indeed interesting reading.

It resembles some of the measures included in the Neo900 design,
but there is IMHO a conceptual difference.

Neo900 provides on-board measurement units and assumes that
the same software running on the main CPU can detect that there
is something going on. This means the device is modified.

The approach shown above focusses in pure monitoring of activities
by a second software system. Designed completely independent.

This looks to me like having implications on how reliable the approaches
can (or can not) detect something.

And in total, there is something which I ask myself for a while: how
can such a monitoring device be tested / debugged? Is it possible at all
to simulate a "critical" situation on the device to be monitored and verify
that the detector triggers? Can I do that myself?

This might make any such privacy measure useless if I can't even know
if the monitor is working properly.


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