[Community] New cell phone design wanted?

James wireless at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Jan 11 02:18:14 CET 2016

David Heath <dheath.pr at ...> writes:

> Open, secure, and accessible to non-programmers are my ideals. 


I wanted to thank everyone for the responses. Maybe a document needs to
be community developed for potential mid-upscale open cell phone
development. Small players have to purchase "packages" of chips and
components from  vendors to have any possibility of a cost-effective mid
range phone. If that can be developed, then others might be able to lower
the price. What sent me on this oddessy is that I wanted a  hackable cell
phone (open source as much as possible) so as to be able to encrypt the
entire phone, run embedded gentoo with a highly stripped and optimized linux
kernel and use arm64 processors. I work with those on cluster codes, so
there is an intersection on the rt-kernels and security.

I do appreciate all of the ideas, passions and input; decisions on the
hardware will no doubt leave out some good ideas. Maybe a wiki document,
kind of a open hi-level specification development document could be place
somewhere? Maybe near the existing phone documents? 

I'm going to take all of this information and try to select a BOM package
that will work and hopefully the community finds interesting. Is there
a collection of documents for Europe, American and other cell phone
jurisdictions that folks are aware of? The GTA04 is an interesting project,
maybe one of those developers is interested in an an arm64 processor
upgrade, as a consensus mid-range phone for this open cell phone community?
I am looking to coalesce hankers around an arm64 core cell phone.


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