[Community] low power display - Re: Community Digest, Vol 44, Issue 3

Kero openphoenuxchmeee.org at chmeee.org
Mon Jan 4 20:43:22 CET 2016

> > I would like to have a device with something like a Pixel Qi display.
> > The user can choose between color (back-lit) or grey (sun-readable).
> > I have seen, tested and enjoyed this only in the OLPC so far.
> > 
> > http://liliputing.com/2015/01/pixel-qi-dead-low-power-displays-not.html
> > 
> Well, just use displays like the old ipaqs, color with backlight on
> darkness, no backlight needed in sunlight (or even some light), also
> with colors. Well, resolution of my ipaq h2200 was only 240x320. But
> having that display with 480x640 would be really, really great.

The iPaq had a "frontlight" and a reflective display.

Plus you could install linux on it. Or maybe only certain models; it has been a while.

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