[Community] New cell phone design wanted?

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Mon Jan 4 19:29:11 CET 2016


Am 04.01.2016 um 19:03 schrieb Dr. Michael Lauer <mickey at vanille.de>:

>> Am 04.01.2016 um 16:51 schrieb Adam Van Ymeren <adam.vany at gmail.com>:
>> This doesn't excite me at all to be honest.
>> We already have the Neo900.  What's the difference between the phone
>> you're proposing and any other flagship phone out there like the Nexus
>> 6p.  You said you won't release the PCB, and it's got a proprietary
>> Maui GPU.  So already I can't run it with only free software, and if
>> you don't release the PCB, I can't be confident that the cell modem is
>> actually switched off when I ask it to be and doesn't have DMA to the
>> system RAM.
>> I'm much more interested in a so called "low end" phone.
> ACK.
> And honestly I think this is a niche where OSS on mobile still can flourish –
> IMO in the high end area the game is over.

I disagree. At least if software is addressed. Is the game for OSS and Linux
on the PC over? Was it ever over?

IMHO, we only have problems getting reasonably open high-end hardware
to make OSS flourish. Which is what this discussion is trying to address.

But in addition there is apparently a need for a low-end device. So should
it end up in two designs? Ideally compatible to a big extent so that there is
no need for two complete software stacks which needs two teams of


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