[Community] New cell phone design wanted?

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Just have one (probably dumb) question.  Would it be any easier to run multiple Operating Systems on an Intel Processor, as opposed to an ARM Processor ?  I only ask because of the advent of Intel-based Smartphones since about 2012 now:


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> Subject: [Community] New cell phone design wanted?
> Hello,
> I've designed all sorts of hardware and firmware over the decades. I have
> always wanted to design a cell phone that can support multiple different
> open source software stacks. I'd like to hear what features and the resources
> folks would like to see in a new cell phone where all the hardware is
> disclosed so open source codes, from a variety of places, can be completed
> and supported by the open source communities.
> So what is your desired feature list? (processor, ram, flash, peripherals?)
> I can build them in small batches and keep the prices down, but I'll not be
> providing pcb layout details, but only the details to write/port code to the
> devices. I am taking this approach to cover the cost of a few consultants I
> need to add advanced feature like integrated Ham radio, and other Rf
> features not found in standard phones......
> hit me with your thoughts and ideas,
> James
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