[Community] New cell phone design wanted?

James wireless at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Jan 3 23:56:53 CET 2016

Kero <openphoenux at ...> writes:

> > >> So what is your desired feature list? (processor, ram, flash,

Well, these replies do tell this commmunity is alive and desires some new
toys to get excited about. So, if I may be bold, how does this sound to
satisfy what I have parsed from the previous posts ???

multicore arm64, maui gpu, 4 gig of ram, micro-usb & usb3, wifi , audio i/0,
Bluetooth, 5" touch screen, sim card socket, camera, gps, temp

hardened linux kernel [1], embedded gentoo linux os, lxqt, (this is what I'd
do). Openrc (no systemd). SeLinux [2]. Fully encrypted device.

As a gentoo device, it's pretty straight forward to install whatever
software your want from portage, within the constraints of the resources.
Just so you know, I have little interest in a low price. I'm interested in
building a cell comm device that kicks ass, is secure and users
control/modify it as they like. Have troubles with the stack, hire somebody
or create what you want in the open. BSD style licenses as much as possible,
i.e. entrepreneurs are most welcome!

I'm interested in expanding the Rf interface capabilities (ham, CB etc)
so that is still floating on the exact details. That may be an add on board
that 'clips on the back; decided once I get the final list of hardware to

What I need is a consensus. A rally cry, so I can go into board meetings
with several semiconductor firms and pitch a revolutionary device for the
secure entrepreneur to prosper. I am influential and have a long history of
squeezing (chip) vendors:: so no worries on how to get this done. Besides,
the current cell phone sales have stalled because nobody is building
anything that excites folks. I have zero interest in building a sub $300
cell phone, that is an exercise in futility, imho. I'm more interested in
the 'big cannon' cell phone that folks will pay for to get one and become
excited about writing and hacking software for it. Somebody else can focus
on the low end (sorry if this offends anyone). Codes that invoke lincense
issue will become user installable, via the gentoo package management system
known as portage [3] 

So what did I miss on the hardware and software? (please leave emotion,
guilt and other such issues out of the discussion) I just what input on the
killer cell phone package (hardware and software) that folks want (like
SElinux on an embedded linux cell device).

[1] https://grsecurity.net/

[2] http://selinuxproject.org

[3] https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Portage


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