[Community] New cell phone design wanted?

Kero openphoenux at chmeee.org
Sun Jan 3 21:38:39 CET 2016

> >> So what is your desired feature list? (processor, ram, flash, peripherals?)
> >> 
> > I am looking for something in the form factor of the gta04/openmoko but
> > with a display not requiring any backlight in bright sunlight. So it is
> > good for outdoor use. I do not want millions of brilliant pixels which
> > can be only seen with a backlight consuming excessive amount of power in
> > sunlight. Then I would prefer like 300000 not so brilliant pixels which
> > can be seen without much power like it was the case with old Compaq/HP
> > Ipaq devices. 
> > That seems to also be a combination which seems not to be easily
> > available on the market. The smartphones I have seen solve the sunlight
> > problem by using excessive backlight brightness consuming vast amounts
> > of power. 
> I’d love to have a hackable Linux-based (smart-)phone with an E-Ink display
> and a massive standby time, like, say, one week or so.
> Since I don’t need much of the classical smartphone apps, I would be content with it
> having more of a feature phone style UI on it though. I could even imagine
> FSO being a great middleware for such a thing.

Having the defining features from gta*/neo900 (openness, security) in a pluggable form factor, such as USB.
It allows me to use it on a platform of my choice, which is still going to be some computer running linux.

It would be a much smaller design, with fewer components to source.
Hopefully easier to update, too (I'm a SW person, but I imagine this applies to HW, too).

It needs some driver on the host to work when plugged into it, providing control and data interfaces.

In response to the prev mail:
I am interested in the features that smartphone apps provide, but not in the existing apps-ecosystems.


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