[Community] New cell phone design wanted?

marc marcxoe at welz.org.za
Sun Jan 3 10:33:32 CET 2016

> hit me with your thoughts and ideas,

To my mind there are two ways of going about this. The one
is to chase the consumer feature set: Eg "512Mb, no 1Gb, no I
won't buy it unless it has 2G or RAM, but ideally 8G" And
the same nonsense for number of cores, pixels, etc. I think
this is a losing proposition - large manufactures can always
provide more performance at a better price point.

The other is to pick a feature point that is one or two
generations old (and thus attainable, with a solid and
open linux port) but then add things that large companies
won't or can't provide. Here I can think of two things:

1 * Better privacy

2 * Features which require motivated users who are
    willing to make an investment to learn things

1 - On the better privacy front: Hard switches which allow one to
turn off the radio module, and switches for the microphone
or camera (or whatever inputs the system has). Also route the
audio through the main processor.

2 - Smart features: Linux users are willing to learn. I think the
nicest option would be chorded input - 6 or more pushbuttons which
are on the edge of the phone to fit the hand holding it. With
2^6 permutations one should be able to type out a full alphabet.
And that could be faster, cheaper and simpler than a touchscreen or
hard keyboard. Some sort of HAM or even just CB radio interface sounds
really interesting too.



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