[Community] [OpenPhoenux Community] New cell phone design wanted?

Chris ca2013 at arcor.de
Sat Apr 9 17:50:52 CEST 2016


james wrote:
> I'd be willing to code on that *organized* project, if it existed.
> I want modern hardware and I'm willing to pay a lot more, as long
> as I can put the software I want on the phone. In fact, I just prefer
> to pay $1,000.00 usd and buy one and not have to 'venture' the phone.
> So please let me know if such a phone exists.

You could order one of those
https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/pages/pyra/ to test your
software developments for your use-case.

The next step, would be to evolve the pyra lessons (also community and
software distributions) into a mobile phone form factor.

> I can work with one or 2 folks to refine it to a specification. Then
> we float the idea and see what kind of response we get.
> I take the financial risks, I'm going to get my seed money back on
> the first 5,000.00 phones.

Please be aware that there are a couple of folks here that have also not
just refined some specification but gone through from projecting
prototypes to selling series of devices already. Want to seed?

If you really want a more powerful mainline linux phone, and are in to
fund a venture to accelerate this now, you may be able to fund current
team members https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/pages/pyra-team/ right
away, or alternatively find and fund another established Phone and Case
manufacturer, and goldelico.com engineering, to work together and
combine their expertise and access to component sourcing, case design,
production, free software development and the corresponding custom
hardware development.

A powerfull, unrestricted mainline linux mobile phone device certainly
has a market.

> I do not read the list, so somebody drop me an email, when you guys 
> coalesce into some form of a converged specification.

If it is not just investment interest, maybe you are the person that can
bring together a larger phone manufacturer, that is able to source
proper hardware at bulk prices for a side-project, with the already
existing developments from the open source software and hardware
development players? Connecting the last piece of the puzzle?

In any way, Nikolaus, does the project software at goldelico allow to
provide a wiki page for gathering a table of components with say
desired/available/selected/supported/... status?

A project wiki seems like a good idea.


The basic prerequisite for to run arbitrary free software stacks and
distributions are hardware drivers. A fully functional device requires
that the mainline linux kernel has driver modules for all hardware
components. (Yes, they may still depend on some closed firmwares.)

As Dr. Schaller wrote, just making hardware and expecting that the open
software community develops and maintains drivers does not work. If
hardware drivers are missing, the open source drivers needs to get
written in order to sell hardware that is "linux mainline" ready
(usable with common linux distributions). With the golden-delicious
engineering company he primarily selected components for the GTA04
board which already had existing drivers, and payed kernel developers
to write or improve drivers where necessary. Concluding from his
emails, goldelico ordered the parts and had the board assembled by a
production plant specialized on custom electronics devices.

Another thing was implementing proper bootloader and system
installation methods.

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