[Community] [Gta04-owner] [Announce] Goldelico Replicant Testing Snapshot (2015.02)

Adrien Dorsaz adrien at adorsaz.ch
Sat Mar 7 13:08:04 CET 2015


Le 09. 02. 15 21:20, Lukas Maerdian a écrit :
> Hello everybody!
> Today I'm happy to announce a new testing release of the Goldelico
> Replicant 4.2 distribution. The free GTA04 Android/Replicant port
> improved quite a bit during the last few months. I'll try to summarize
> what happened since our last testing snapshot:
> * RIL: improved modem power-on sequence
> * RIL: basic incoming and outgoing SMS support
> * RIL: software routing in voice calls (A3 + A4)
> * RIL: basic USSD support
> * RIL: basic DTMF support
> * Kernel: resolved modem suspend issue

I've tried it this morning on my GTA04A4, but unfortunately my SIM card
wasn't recognized, even after reboot (SHR didn't recognize it too IIRC).

I didn't had lot of time to debug it, but you'll find adb logcat for
radio here:


Thanks for the good work :)

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